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Know Android and HP Android

I wrote this just for personal reference only, if you are already on more on Android, just ignore. But if you do not already know all about the Android please read who knows useful for you. If asked, I myself do not know you well know this is his name Android only know if there is HP's Android.
If we read on Wikipedia, meaning Android is the operating system for mobile phones based on linux functions just as in Nokia Symbian operating system, IOS at Apple and BlackBerry. Android is not tied to one brand of mobile phones, some well-known brand that HP has been using Android including Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Nexus, Motorola, and others.
Android was first developed by a company called Android Inc. that later in the year 2005 in the acquisition by Internet giant Google. Android is made on the basis of a modified Linux kernel, and for each release its code-named by the name of food dish.
The main advantage Android is free and open source, making Android smartphones sold cheaper than the Blackberry or the iPhone even though the features (hardware) has to offer Android better.
Some key features of Android among others, WiFi hotspots, Multi-touch, multitasking, GPS, Java support, supports multiple networks (GSM / EDGE, iDEN, CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, and WiMAX) mobile phones and also basic skills in general.
Oh yes there is some level of Android since the commencement of development in 2008 include:
Android version 1.1
Released in 2009 with a simple menu
Android version 1.5 (Cupcake)
Android Version 1.5 is an improved version 1.1. In this version there is the addition of several features in mobile version is the ability to record and watch videos with the camera mode, upload video to Youtube and images to Picasa directly from the phone.
Android version 1.6 (Donut)
Donut (version 1.6) was released in September by displaying the search process better than before, the use of a battery indicator and control applet VPN. Another feature is the gallery that allows the user to select which photos will be deleted; cameras, camcorders and galleries dintegrasikan; CDMA / EVDO, 802.1x, VPN, Gestures, and Text-to-speech engine; ability to dial contacts; technological change text to speech (not available on all phones; procurement VWGA resolution.
Android version 2.0/2.1 (Eclair)
Early version of Android that came into use by many smartphones, the main features of Eclair is a total change of structure and appearance of user interface and an Android version of the first support HTML5 format.
Android version 2.2 (Froyo: Frozen Yogurt)
Android version 2.2 (Froyo) was launched in 2010. Android 2.2 was released with 20 new features, including the increase in speed, features Wi-Fi hotspots tethering and support for Adobe Flash.
Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread)
The changes generally obtained from the Android version upgrades include games (gaming), improved copy and paste function,, support and WebM VP8 video formats, the new audio effects (reverb, equalization, headphone virtualization, and bass boost)
Android version 3.0/3.1 (Honeycomb)
Android Honeycomb designed specifically for the tablet. Android version supports a larger screen size. User Interface on the Honeycomb is also different because it is designed for tablets. Honeycomb also supports multi-processor and hardware acceleration (hardware) for graphics.
The first tablet is made by running the Honeycomb is the Motorola Xoom.
  1. Google Nexus one
  2. HTC Desire
  3. HTC Droid Incredible
  4. iMobile iE6010
  5. HTC Hero
  6. Motorola Milestone
  7. Sony Ericson Experia
  8. Samsung Epic 4g:
  9. HTC EVO shift 4G
  10. Motorola Droid X
  11. HTC Thunderbolt
  12. Samsung Galaxy S 4G
  13. Motorola Atrix 4G:
  14. Samsung Galaxy Mini
  15. LG Optimus Black P970
  16. Samsung Galaxy Tab
  17. And still many others
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