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Settings Gammu for Applications SMS Gateway

In this blog my article about the SMS Gateway. To initiate the SMS Gateway article about this I will discuss how setting Gammu. Have you ever heard of Gammu? Yes .. Gammu is a kind of service provided to build applications based on SMS Gateway. After we successfully build Gammu, then we can build SMS Gateway application with any programming language or platform, be it web based with a PHP or ASP or whatever, and also the desktop by using Delphi, VB or other.

The advantages of this Gammu is a opensource software available in source code or binary form it, so .. You do not have to worry about licensing. In addition Gammu is also available for Windows and Linux OS.
Issues related to ability, Gammu no doubt because in addition be able to send / receive SMS, Gammu can also send / receive MMS, backup / restore phonebook, as well as upload / download files to HP. In addition Gammu also support for more than 400 types of HP. You can view a list of HP that can be supported by Gammu in
Gammu Phone List Database.

To SMS Gateway, I suggest do not use hp NOKIA. Although the file listphone available, and can be recognized by Gammu, but most do not support the full NOKIA. Sometimes it can only send, but received SMS can not be read by Gammu, or vice versa.

Now we will discuss how to set up the Gammu on the Windows platform. To which the Linux please read alone in official website. In this article the discussion will be up to the installation service and run it.

First Steps (Download File)

Description: the file is a installer that I have modified and simplified to ease the installation process. Gammu that I use is version 1.25.

Step Two (Install Gammu)

By default the setup file above is installed, the file gammu located in the directory C: \ Gammu.

Step Three (Setting Configuration Gammu)

Once the file is installed Gammu, the next step is the configuration setting. This setting is required for purposes of adjusting the type of HP and port number to be used. How does the setting? The trick is to please edit the file 'GAMMURC' that exists in the directory 'C: \ gammu'. Edit the file using Notepad GAMMURC or the like.
And than .. which parts need changing configuration? OK .. parts that need to be changed is the

2.port =
3.connection =
port parameters were later filled with a port number corresponding location of your HP plugs. To find the port where you plug in your cell phone on your computer, please go to Control Panel -Phone and Modem Options - Modems . Well ... if your HP is plugged in the PC and the driver is installed properly then it will definitely appear on the port number.


If the Control Panel - Phone and Modem Options - Modem port does not appear, even though the drivers are installed, then you can still see the port through the Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager - Ports (COM & LPT). If the port number appears in both the Control Panel - Phone and Modem Options - Modem and Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager - Ports (COM & LPT) and it turns out different port number, then select the port number in the Control Panel - Phone and Modem Options - Modem.

Tip: HP should be every time you plugged into a PC, use the same USB port location, aka do not move around the plugs, because every change the plugs then the port number will vary. As a result you must change its settings GAMMURC repeatedly anyway because they have to adjust the port number.

Back at the config GAMMURC above, the connection parameters that are used to give information type of connection used to communicate with PCnya HP. Each type HP has the kind of connection is different. To know the type of connections on a particular type of HP, please download the file in here. The file is a compilation of what I do on the types of HP support with Gammu SMS Gateway.

Here is an example configuration when I use a modem GAMMURC Wavecom M1206B connected to the USB port com5.

2.port = com5:
3.connection = at115200

(Important: do not forget to sign: at the rear port)
If you use more than one HP is plugged into a PC, then you can add or change the configuration on the


Fourth Step (Test Connection)

The final step for gammu setting process is to test the connection between Gammu with HP / your modem. The move comes after the configuration settings done. The trick is to enter the folder 'C: \ gammu' on your Gammu directory via DOS PROMPT. Then type this command at a command prompt.

1.gammu identify

If after this command then appears dienter information about your HP, then the connection between your HP Gammu with success. If the response is not as expected, then check back to port number or type of connectionnya. Here is an example display that comes out when the setting is successful.

Setting Gammu

Step Five (Creating a MySQL Database for Gammu)
This step aims to set up a MySQL database to accommodate data needed Gammu SMS Gateway for SMS. Actually, not only MySQL that can be used, but can also SQL Lite or Posgre SQL. But ... in this article only for MySQL Honestly, because I am not familiar with the others.
The trick is to create a database with the name 'sms' or the other (up to) use your phpMyAdmin.
Then make the tables required by Gammu. Oops .. What table aja ya? Do not worry because Gammu dumpnya have prepared a file to create tables. Location of dumpnya files in the folder 'C: \ gammu \ mysql-tabel.sql'. Well .. please use the dump file to create the tables using phpMyAdmin.
In fact Gammu SMS not only be stored in the database, but also as a text file that is stored on your PC. But for the purposes of an SMS gateway it seems better to use the database as storagenya.

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