Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nano Technology to Develop Future Technology Market

Nano technology is a way to control atoms and molecules, the smallest of objects. Researchers have developed a nanoscale technology for 40 years, and new findings allow engineers to create products that are better.

Chip maker Intel microprocessor chip that consists of billions of tiny transistors. Nano technology allows the engineers to make this little smaller product again and digital equipment becomes more intelligent, fast and efficient.

In the field of solar energy, nano technology advances make the process of producing electricity from solar power more efficient and save costs. Also there are advances in medicine.

"We are entering a new era in the ability to understand what we are doing against these nanoscale materials in order to create diverse applications," said Jason Zara, an expert in biomedicine.

He said that the ability to create and manipulate small particles transform cancer care.

"With nano technology, we can point that chemotherapy targeted at specific cells and send a cytotoxic agent, to destroy all the cancer cells found in tumors," said Zara.

In the future doctors hope to devise treatments based on the unique genetic profile of patients.

One of the leading experts in the world of nano technology is Mihail Rocco from the National Science Board. He hopes to see the mass application of nanotechnologies in the near future.

He said, "Now we are still in development stage, discovery, innovation, and the beginning of intensive applications. We are entering a phase of revolutionary products that were previously not possible. "

In July 2011, a team of Swedish doctors successfully transplanting an artificial windpipe to cancer patients using nano composite materials. According to the Wall Street Journal, which continues to grow this industry will create two million new jobs by 2015.

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